Write Markdown in Google Docs! Tables, Code, Images, Lists also supported!

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The service is free if you make less than 30 conversions in 30 days. You can purchase a membership to get unlimited conversions here.

Thank you for your interest in GdocifyMd, a Google Docs add-on for converting / importing Markdown documents into Google Docs.

Video Tutorial

User Manual


Install from GSuite Marketplace.

We ask for 3 authrization scopes at the OAuth Client Authorization Screen:


Choose “Add-ons -> gdocifymd -> Gdocify Markdown”.

Input any Markdown content in the textarea:

Click “Gdocify!”, status message will appear at the bottom of the textarea, also telling you how many free conversions you have used in the last 30 days. Our limit is 30 conversions per every 30 days. If you have subscribed to a monthly or manual plan, this message will not appear.

The markdown content will be imported into Google Docs with native formatting:

You can also select part of the text in Google Doc before clicking the “Gdocify Markdown” menu. The selected text will be copied as markdown content in the following dialog box:

The imported content will be appended to the end of the document. Because of limitations in Google Docs API, unfortunately we cannot replace the selected contents yet.

GdocifyMd also supports converting code blocks inside markdown document. Just input code blocks quoted with “```” as you would in any markdown file. Select the desired syntax highlighter theme and tab width.

Then you will see the formatted code block in Google Docs. If the background of the code block is not desirable, just click the “Paint bucket” tool in Google Docs, and choose a color you like. Note that a code block is simply a one-cell table inside Google Docs.

You can also use relative urls in the markdown content. Be sure to configure an URL prefix for relative urls.

Tables are also supported:

But with limitations that border specifications will be lost.

You can see the resulting effect: links are prefixed with an absolute URL, and native tables appear in Google Docs.

Images are also supported: just use the regular ![]() syntax.

Known Issues / Limitations


The server side of GdocifyMd uses Google Docs’s Go v1 API, with the following open source libraries:

  1. github.com/gomarkdown/markdown

    This library is used for parsing the markdown input.

  2. github.com/alecthomas/chroma

    This library is used for parsing code blocks and emitting syntax highlighted tokens.